The 5 Most Popular Web Design Languages

1. JavaScript

Developed by Netscape, JavaScript is perhaps the most popular and dynamic of all the web design languages this, language is capable of accomplishing several feats including:

  • Controlling browsers
  • Editing displayed content
  • User communication for client-side scripts
  • Asynchronous communication

The best thing about this language is perhaps the versatility of being accepted and supported by all major browsers without the need for any compilers or other plugins for use.

most popular web design languages

2. Java

Developed by Sun Microsystems in the 90’s, Java is yet another incredibly popular language for web design. There were 5 principles and goals that were a factor in the development of Java:

  • Secure and Robust
  • Object-oriented simple language
  • High-performance execution
  • Threaded, dynamic, and interpreted
  • Portability with architectural-neutrality

3. Python

As a developer, you can use Python to both write and run your code without needing to add a compiler. Python is an advanced, high-level web design language and, on the whole, is easy for beginning developers and designers to understand and learn. Python offers a bevy of features including dynamic type system, large library, management of automatic memory, and more. Examples of Python in use include:

  • Rdio
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

4. CSS

Also known as Cascading Style Sheets, in addition, can be paired with HTML. This allows the developer to determine and define the final look of a page or site. There are a number of elements that CSS has an impact on, including:

  • Font Size
  • Font Style
  • Overall Layout
  • Colors
  • And More

For most sites, CSS is the go-to option to help create aesthetically pleasing web applications as well as mobile apps. The syntax is similar to HTML as well as XHTML and works well in combinations. Style sheets found in CSS consist of both a selector and a declarator with a simple syntax that defines styling properties through several English language words.

5. PHP

Widely used and now powering over 200 million websites around the world, PHP isn’t just for web development but can also be used as a general purpose programming platform. PHP is best suited for server-side programming where server tasks are being repeatedly performed because this is an interpreted script language.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

Because there are so many types of web design languages, it’s important to take into consideration certain factors before choosing one to work with.

These factors include:

  • Targeted Platform
  • Language Domain Match
  • Efficiency
  • Elasticity and Performance
  • Availability of Libraries
  • Project Size
  • Expressiveness
  • Time to Production
  • Tool Support
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Website Owners Beware – Web host deletes customers sites

What happened? Thousands of customers of web-hosting service 123-reg (www.123-reg were affected by a catastrophic coding flaw that deleted their data. The UK’s largest hosting provider lost data from 67 servers, wiping out customers’ entire business websites because it didn’t have backups. It’s not clear what caused the fault, but users who tried to log in during the incident were directed to the wrong accounts, allowing them to see private data from other companies. 123-reg has taken the unusual step of referring itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office (, the UK’s data watchdog, over this aspect of the fault.
How will it affect you? 123-reg was working with a data-recovery specialist in an attempt to retrieve as much data from the wiped servers as possible, but many affected websites were still offline. Whether or not you’re a 123-reg customer, the incident is a good reminder to back up your data – it’s a lesson 123-reg should have known, and one that many of its customers have learned the hard way. Putting the lost websites back online is easy if the owners have backed them up elsewhere. If not, they’re out of luck. If 123-reg had backed up the data, or the users had done the same, this would have been only a minor problem. What do we think? Incompetence. 123-reg stressed that the affected service isn’t “managed” by the company itself, and that anyone who paid for a backup service will have had their websites restored already, but that’s cold comfort for anyone who entrusted the hosting provider with their website.
I am so thankful that iam responsible and don’t use amateurs to host my customers websites and data.
It’s astonishing that 123-reg hadn’t backed up its own systems, but of course many of us know we should do this and still don’t bother. Backups are boring, but let this be a reminder to put them on your to-do list, whether it’s your small business website, online photo album or personal blog.
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Web Design Tips

design-sessionAt the top of the File Explorer window, you can see the path to the current folder: for example, This PC > Windows (C:) > Users > YourName > Documents > MyFolder. This is a breadcrumb navigation trail that shows where you are in the folder tree. You can jump to any folder in the trail by clicking it. Each folder is followed by a ‘>’ symbol. Click that, and the subfolders it contains are displayed in a menu. Click one to jump straight to it. A surprising feature is that you can click a file or folder in the Explorer window and drag it to a folder in the breadcrumb trail to move it. As you hover the dragged item over a folder, the caption under the icon changes to ‘Move to [folder name]’. Drop it and Explorer moves the item to the named folder. Customise ‘Quick access’ The ‘Quick access’ list at the top of the left panel lets you go to commonly used folders in one click. Drag any folder on the hard drive to the ‘Quick access’ list and drop it to add it. Once you’ve added your favourites, click and drag the folders to move them up or down in the list. Right-click folders and select ‘Unpin from Quick access’ to remove them from the list. Strip files of their properties Files contain extra information that isn’t part of the file but tells you something about its contents. The obvious examples are music files, such as MP3s, which store the name of the artist and album; and photos taken on a phone or digital camera, which contain information such as shutter speed, aperture and metering modes. This extra information can be stripped out, and it’s sometimes useful to do this when sharing files on the internet. For example, you might want to remove GPS information that reveals where you live if you share a photo taken at home. Be careful with this tip, though, because the information you remove from the file is erased irreversible. Select a file in Explorer and click the Home tab. Click the arrow under the Properties icon and select ‘Remove properties’. In the window that opens, select ‘Remove the following properties from this file’. Use the Select All button to remove all the information, or tick the box next to each item you want to remove, such as a photo’s GPS coordinates. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep this information and want to make it easier to find, read our ‘Optimise folders for content’ tip (opposite). Control your photos Select one or more photos and a new Manage tab appears at the top of the Explorer window. Select a photo, click Manage and then ‘Set as background’ to make it the Desktop background image. There are also buttons to rotate images left and right, which you can use to rotate more than one image at a time. If you’ve just transferred photos from your camera, open the folder, hold down the Ctrl key while you click any images you want to rotate to portrait orientation, and then rotate them all in one go
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Fine Website Designs

header-logoWelcome to Riverwood Design. Riverwood designs useful and fine web sites for businesses and people who are not yet that familiar with the internet.

Riverwood specializes in helping small business or organizations establish themselves on the web. We can design and build simple web sites like our site and larger web sites like our sister business Wisconsin Spokes’ web site.

Riverwood can help your business or organization find a hosting provider and set up a domain for your web site. Riverwood also trains business and organizations on how to update and provide useful content on their web site.

Riverwood can build your web site under budget and above expectations!

Design by simplicity.

Good design is an essential element to a great web site. A great design will keep users on a site instead of turning them away. Riverwood believes in simple, usable designs without using too much color or images.

When we sit down with a client for the first time we discuss what they would like to accomplish on their site and what ideas they have for the look of their site.

Then, within the next few days we will put together multiple preliminary layouts designed off a client’s and our own ideas. From these designs and our client’s input we fine tune the design to the their liking.

Also, another important element is content. Great content keeps users coming over and over again Riverwood will help you develop your sites content.

designs for the user.

Riverwood has designed and maintained sites for a number of different business and organizations.

RTL Electric – Early Development

Aluminum Dock Systems – Alpha Development

JW Perry, Inc. – Wholesale Florist

Breaman Merrill Ford Mercury Inc. – Car Dealership

Parrish Highlanders ATV Club – A Langlade County ATV Club

Nels P. Evjue Memorial School Forest – Merrill Area Public Schools’ school forest

designs for content.

Our pricing is based on a per-hour basis. The best way to find a estimate on the price for your web site project it to contact us at Riverwood Design. We will either give you an estimate over the phone or setup a meeting to talk over the needs of your company’s or organization’s web site.

To contact Riverwood Design for an estimate, please call 715-536-9778.

designs around your budget.

Contact Riverwood Design for a quote or for more information.

Phone 715.536.9778

Fax: 715.536.7647


Riverwood Design
1100 East Riverside Avenue
Merrill, WI 54452

design by communication.

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